Vividi Stay Safe Ensured Compliance with Safety Measures at Spartan Race

The world-wide popular competition Spartan Race aimed to fulfill COVID-19 safety measures stated by the government and assured safety for the participants of the Race as well as the visitors and organizers

Safety first

Safety first

Due to COVID-19, all indoor and outdoor events need to respect safety measures striving to assure social distancing. Instead of using counting machines and slowing down the flow of the start and finish areas, Spartan Race used the smart, real-time people counter Vividi.
Real-time data

Real-time data

All actual data are available in the web app dashboard. Organizers can see the statistics and get instant occupancy information of the monitored areas, which helps them to manage and optimize their fluctuation.
Plug and Play

Plug and Play

The whole process, starting with placing the order, through shipment, installation to getting the final data, lasted only 48 hours. This is crucial due to the governmental restrictions being changed very quickly. The installation was simple and fast. On the day before the Race, the organizers themselves placed the devices at entrances to the site, plugged them into the electricity and connected them to their local Wi‑Fi. Then they just watched the incoming data through the app.

Special Features

  • Demographic information (sex, age)
  • Peak hours
  • Facial expression

The main purpose of Vividi was to assure the safety of the participants while respecting the government regulations guaranteed by counting people in specific areas. In the meantime, the device was also collecting statistics, including key marketing data such as participants’ sex, age and behavior.

Results of the cooperation with Spartan Race Pezinok, Slovakia (Aug 01-02)

  • Advanced tool for occupancy management in two areas – start and finish
  • Managing the traffic during two days of the Race
  • No breach of government safety measures regarding social distancing
  • No more than 650 people in a given area at a time
    (the safety limit was 1000 people)
  • According to the data, the typical participant of the race is a male in his 30s
  • The sex ratio was 62% male to 38% female
  • Most participants were around 25-34 and 35-44 years (almost 75%),
    only 20% were older than 45 years and 5% younger than 24

Vividi Stay Safe

“We highly appreciated the pro‑customer approach, speed of order processing and flexibility in communication. Thanks to the accurate measuring of the VIVIDI solution, we were able to comply with this regulation and keep the race running smoothly.”

Magdalena Lehocká
Slovak Race Director

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