Vividi Stay Safe

Monitor store occupancy levels
in real-time

Vividi Stay Safe

Monitor store occupancy levelsin real-time

Restart your business and
rebuild trust of your customers

Vividi Stay Safe counts incoming visitors and coordinate current traffic in a store or other area with digital screening. The solution helps to retrieve your business, regain customers’ trust, increase conversion rate, and follow government restrictions on Covid-19.

What is Vividi Stay Safe?

  • Real-time people counting system
  • Solution for monitoring and regulating occupancy limits
  • Digital screens at the entrance show live occupancy levels and recommend visitors if they should enter the area or wait
  • Employees can watch the current situation in a web app
  • An option to publish the data online so customers can plan their visit according to a live occupancy

Core Features

Number of people entering and exiting
Number of people entering and exiting
Occupancy level
Occupancy level
Live store<br />
occupancy map
Live store
occupancy map
SMS notifications in case of exceeding capacity
SMS notifications in case of exceeding capacity
Suggestions for visitors
Suggestions for visitors

How Does It Work?

  • Digital screen regulates the number of people in the area
  • If the occupancy reaches the limits, visitors are recommended to wait
  • You can show the data online to the public
  • Customers can plan their visit according to the live occupancy

Health and Safety Measurements for Staff and Visitors

Track a customer-to-staff ratio throughout the all day, adjust an appropriate number of employees, and plan their shifts according to the current situation. Vividi Stay Safe automatically notifies staff members to unfavorable situations, such as too many people in the area, long queue, high concentration of visitors etc.

Safely to the Mall, Store or Post Office

Vividi Stay Safe could be placed for example at the entrance or exit of shopping malls, stores, doctor’s waiting rooms, post offices or other enclosed spaces. Video data from camera are processed right on the device, no image is stored or sent anywhere. We ensure complete anonymization and utmost data security.

See All Your Data in a Web App

Access all the information about customers and other people moving in the area whenever and from wherever. The dashboard is available online in your browser.

Easy Installation

Vividi Stay Safe can be easily and quickly installed in any area.
It doesn’t require any complicated installation.
An electric socket is all you need.

Let’s restart your business together